The Transparency Pricing Structure has been prepared in order to reinforce our commitment to Quality, Transparency and the Sustainability of the Coffee Industry.

Here you will find the prices paid to producers, also known as Farmgate prices; all costs associated with the local movement of the coffee - from the farm to the washing station, then to the dry mill; the preparation of the coffee from parchment to exportable specialty greens, and any packaging: Grain pro bags, Jute bags, Bag marking, vac pacs; and finally the taxes paid to Anacafe (National Coffee Association of Guatemala).

This brings you to the “FOB” price - Free on Board (FOB) prices are the prices paid for the coffees that are delivered and placed onto a ship at the country of origin. They include everything previous to the overseas shipping, insurance and any transportation, customs and overland freight costs incurred on arrival to the port of destination.

The Total Delivered costs is the final Ex-Warehouse cost of the coffee, to which we add 20% in order to cover our overhead expenses such as:  financing cost, handling, warehousing and traveling expenses.

If you are interested in the price transparency of your own coffee, please get in touch with us and we will provide you with more information.

We are big promoters of the transparent pricing movement, participating in the most recent 2018 Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, which is now available to download at

FOB Price US$/ Lbs.  $3.20
Farmgate price $ 2.70
Local warehousing & logistics $ 0.08
Export Prep: Dry milling, Sorting & Bagging $ 0.24
Export Taxes $ 0.18
Total Delivered Costs $3.55
Logistics (Ocean freight, insurance, etc.)  $0.13
Customs fees and container delivery $0.06
Finance & Warehouse $0.16
Price of the coffee  $4.25 
Primavera Overhead Costs and Margin (20%) $0.70

*The prices are in US Dollars per pound of green exportable coffee.*