Origin Trip 

If you are ever able to visit us in Guatemala, we highly recommend it! This is where you will meet our entire team and understand the depth of our operation. The best time to visit us is during the harvest months (February to late March) and once we have most lots ready for cupping. The coffees tend to be fresh at this stage (and somewhat papery), but we can guide you as we have experience with this.

It is our honor to share with you our work and coffees. Please keep in mind that the harvest time (Mid-January – April) is our busiest time of the year. It is a very exciting time; there is lots going on - our farm is in full production, we have 3 washing stations buying and processing coffee on a daily basis and we receive over 2,000 samples to analyze and cup in order to do our best purchases. We also give immediate feedback to all of our producers and host several clients.


In planning for your trip, we ask of you to have the following three points clear: 

  • Purchasing Plan (quantities and quality) so that we can select coffees for your cuppings accordingly

  • Your dates as soon as possible so that we can coordinate with others

  • Main objectives of your trip and what experience you have with visiting origins

We invite you to participate in any other cuppings during your time with us, as we cannot get behind on our cupping schedule.

Visiting farms - Note that the drive to the farms in Huehuetenango is approximately  8 - 10 hours, which have to be done during the day as the roads are not illuminated and in poor conditions.  If Huehuetenango is on your must-visit list than we do ask for 4 days of your time (on top of a day at the cupping lab) and that you have a strong inclination for purchasing over 50 bags form the region.

Otherwise we work with many other wonderful farms that are near to Guatemala City (where our lab is located) that can be day trips, including our own farm. 

Practical info


Please book your own flights to Guatemala City – La Aurora International Airport

  • If staying in Guatemala City, we recommend you book a Hotel or Airbnb in Zone 10 or 14 only (for safety and due to high levels of traffic in the city)

  • Uber is safe and reliable in Guatemala City

  • We highly recommend you have a health or medical insurance that is international. Please note that if anything were to happen, our social hospitals are not up to par and private care can be expensive

  • Drugs (including marijuana) are illegal in Guatemala and highly penalized so please don’t bring or use any during your stay

  • There is no need for any special vaccines but make sure you are careful where and what you eat and drink (try avoid raw salads), and make sure to wash your hands often.

  • Please bring both sun screen and a jacket, the mountains can be sunny during the day and chilly at night

  • Veggies and vegans – do not worry, there are lots of options: Rice, beans, avocado and corn tortillas will fill you right up!




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