La Central de Café

Sister Exporting Company


La Central de Café is our sister company based in Guatemala. Its main activity is milling and exporting coffee. It is also the entity through which we do our ground work and investment at origin, and most importantly it is how we purchase all of our coffees.

La Central counts with a coffee-warehouse in Huehuetenango, a central wet mill/washing station, a dry mill with a warehouse where we process, bag and pack the containers ready for shipment. We also have a cupping lab equipped to the highest standards: Cropster fitted Probat sample roasters, water filtration systems and a brand new EK 43. We have wonderful help, with two certified Q graders and a few assistents during the coffee season. Our team also includes our field agents, ensuring quality year-round, our accounts department, who make sure all coffee producers are paid and our logistics team who manage all exports.

On a mission to create a fairer Coffee industry, we work with small coffee growers in remote and excellent growing regions and provide them with agricultural and technical support. We identify micro climates and passionate producers in order to bring their coffees to the demanding specialty coffee markets around the globe. Fully transparent and traceable supply chains, along with local presence allows us to have better prices and quality.

As our exporting company, La Central (for short) can also supply coffee on an FOB and CIF basis to bigger roasters and importers. For more information about this, feel free to contact us.