Meet The Team


Nadine Rasch

Founder & Director
Working in coffee since: 

Nadine is founder of PrimaVera. Born and raised in Guatemala, she spent much of her childhood on her family’s coffee farm. After studying & working in finance in the UK, she started working in coffee in 2012. Realizing the potential in the specialty coffee market, she returned to Guatemala to work on her family’s farm and mill implementing better quality in every step of the production. In 2013 she founded Third Wave Coffee Source (since 2018 PrimaVera Coffee Importers) in search for the best coffees from Guatemala to bring them directly to roasters around the world.



Stijn Braas

Sales Europe
Working in coffee since: 2007

I'm a customer relations manager for Europe. Ever since I started working in coffee, the thing I love most about it is living and working in a community. Living within the coffee community for me is to be surrounded by the most fun and ambitious people. Working within the coffee community for me means working together towards a future where quality means more than just a better cup of coffee.

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Hanna Huhtonen

Sales Europe
Working in coffee since: 2007

Hanna is the Sales and Customer Relations Manager for Europe. She has worked in specialty coffee since 2007 in Europe and Australia. Her roots are in Finland where she organized the national championships and wrote books about coffee. She is a skilled barista, certified Q Grader, and she spent couple of years in Australia helping the local roasters to find some amazing green coffees to roast. She is based in Portugal and is passionate about sustainability and connecting the roasters to the right producers and coffees in Guatemala.

José Lopez

Agronomist Huehuetenango
Working in coffee since: 2010

I work as an agronomist and technical advisor in Huehuetenango. I started working on my family parcel in 2010, trying to improve the coffee farm and innovate our practices, I always knew there was a great potential. But then I that one of the key challenges is finding the right markets for quality coffee. I met Nadine in 2013 and worked with her in selling my coffee, and now since 2015 I have joined the Primavera team to share my knowledge with other producers as well. That is what I love about this work, I always visit new farms and get to know new people. 

Rodolfo Elias Lopez

Agronomist Huehuetenango
Working in coffee since: 2015

I work as an agronomist and technical advisor in Huehuetenango. I grew up in a coffee producer family in San Antonio Huista, studied coffee agronomy at Las Nubes Suchitepequez farm, and always dreamt to work as a professional in this sector. I love working together with the producers in my own region, and through collaborating with them, improving their coffee production, quality and lives. 

Seiner Mérida

Quality Control La Central (Guatemala City)
Working in coffee since: 2005

I coordinate quality control in our lab in Guatemala City. I fell in love with coffee a long time ago, even before I can remember. I'm born and raised in a coffee community and had my first experience of city life when I started working as a cupper, over 13 years ago. I love sharing knowledge and experiences with others. And with my work I feel I can contribute to the lives of coffee producers in Guatemala. 

Diego Camel

Barista La Central (Guatemala City)
Working in coffee since: 2014

I'm the barista at our coffee bar La Central in Guatemala City. I got in touch with coffee via national competitions, loved it, and now take every opportunity to learn more and more. Besides bringing my barista skills to a level of perfection, my ambition is to master roasting and cupping in the coming years.