About Us

PrimaVera from Guatemala

With four generations of coffee growers in our family, Primavera has sprung from a rich tradition in coffee. Our passion for quality goes beyond meeting the discerning expectations of the Third Wave coffee movement. Having operations in Guatemala allows us to find the best coffees and our lean and efficient logistics grants roasters easy and safe access to work with our producers in a more direct and transparent trade.

Third Wave Coffee Source

As of 2019, we are phasing out of our original “Third Wave Coffee Source” name. Rest assured: we remain the same company, with the same core values and mission, as well as ownership. Now, under one united brand we are operating in Europe & North America, delivering contracted coffees and having SPOT inventory in both regions. We welcome our exporting company La Central de Café, operating out of Guatemala City.

Our Model


The amount of physical labor, resources and land that it takes to produce a cup of excellent coffee is astonishing, yet the prices still do not reflect all it entails. Thinking about how much is required to brew this beloved beverage, many question how much they should pay for it. In our opinion, higher prices can be justified with a noticeable difference in quality. Thus we believe that by increasing the quality of the coffee we export, our customers will be more willing to pay higher prices for better coffee with, transparency, social and environmental sustainability.

We optimize for the producer to receive the best price possible. 

Primavera Coffee takes a margin to cover business expenses, including: financing cost on coffee purchased, processing, handling, warehousing and traveling expenses. Our most important investments are the workshops we offer our producers, which provide guidance and technical advice on farming and insight into fermentation and post-harvest processing. We provide these sessions in order to encourage producers to invest in quality and therefore the sustainability of the coffee industry.

Our Mission

❤︎ Quality

At Primavera Coffee, we strive for perfection at all stages of production. From the growing of coffee trees by our producers and at our own farm, to the highest standards of harvesting and processing. By having control at all stages of production, we are able to influence the key decisions that result in an extraordinary cup of coffee.

To ensure that our coffees are of the highest quality we have agronomers who work with producers on the field and provide them with technical assistance and guidance on coffee growing and on keeping their production at its best.

We also have two certified Q-Processing professionals who work with producers on the post-harvest-processing who provide catered advice based on the needs of each producer and their potential. We incentivize producers to work progressively towards higher quality standards.

We then evaluate every lot in our cupping lab in Guatemala City. Our trained Q-Grader qualified and Cup of Excellence cuppers ensure that all our coffees meet the standards and represent our commitment to the highest quality available.


←→ Transparency 

Sourcing directly from the coffee growers shortens the supply chain, allowing us to give them more of the financial benefits for their coffee. Not only is the price fairer for the producer, this form of direct trade allows farmers to be recognized for superior quality, efforts and enthusiasm.  

Without having to rely on certifications or conditions set by third parties, coffee buyers are able to meet and communicate directly with farmers to agree on a price. We take you directly to the producer, think of it as Direct Trade minus all the implications of exporting and importing, financial and quality risk. You may see us as your Direct Trade facilitator.

As there are no other intermediaries involved in the trade, we provide a safe and trustworthy operation at origin. We purchase both coffee cherries and parchment and process the coffees until they are ready to be exported. No one else is involved, minimizing the risk of quality deterioration.

For more information please visit our transparent pricing and costs section, where you will find a glimpse of the transaction process.

✿ Sustainability

Encouraging coffee farms to work in harmony with their environment and local fauna, can be beneficial both for the quality of the coffee and the environment in order to ensure the long term sustainability of the ecosystem. We provide information and workshops on sustainable farming practices, more efficient water use, waste water processing tanks, organic compost with Coffee pulp & worms, etc. so that we all become aware of the conservation and protection of our environment. This way we can take care of the land so that it generously provides for the generations to come.

As sustainability has many aspects, we strongly believe that in the coffee industry it highly depends on the profitability of all its players, especially the producers. Our long-term goal is for all coffee from Guatemala to be considered specialty and for it to have a premium over the C-market, and eventually to be completely independent of market movements. We would rather see a price based on the production cost and its quality, that benefits everyone in the supply chain.

Sustainability = Profitability