Working with PrimaVera, explained.

Not only does purchase planning make your life easier, but it also gives you first access to the best coffees we offer. 

First Steps

Schedule a chat with us so we can talk about your specific needs. We’re happy to do so in person, over email, or through Skype.

The goal of this conversation would be to understand the approximate quantities, style, and price of the coffees you need. We would also discuss the the arrival time and projected rate of draw.


Specialty Guatemalan coffees are typically harvested from January to April.

If you haven’t visited us In Guatemala before, we encourage you to come get to know us and our operations. This is the best way to understand what we do and to taste new coffees as soon they’re offered to us. The most ideal time to visit is in February/March.

If you aren’t able to visit, but would still like get first pick of our coffees, we can arrange pre-shipment samples from origin instead. We generally will have pre-shipment samples to offer in April, but this varies depending on the harvest.

If you would rather choose from our comprehensive spot offering, this generally becomes available in late April / early May. Feel free to get in touch for the latest offer sheet.

Making Selections

We carry a wide range of coffees to serve various specific needs, and we’re happy to find the ones most suited for you. A common strategy is to decide on some coffees to use on a permanent basis every year, then leave other slots available for seasonal filters.

We strongly recommend taking the time to carefully estimate your volume for the year and taking this into account when making your coffee purchases. Providing this information, we can help you plan your purchases for the year to ensure that you have the perfect amount of coffee to get you through the year.


Our warehouses are Vollers in the UK and The Annex, in Oakland, CA.

If you have pre-reserved coffee, we will notify you as soon as the coffee has arrived in the warehouse.

All of our clients start out as prepay, though we’re happy to discuss extended terms on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or on the form below.

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