About Us


With five generations of coffee growers in the family, PrimaVera has sprung from a rich tradition of coffee. Our passion for exquisite beans goes beyond meeting the discerning expectations of the third wave coffee movement. Having operations on the ground allows us to find the best micro-lots and single estate coffees in Guatemala. Providing some of the best roasters in Europe with our coffees over the last five years, we launched our operations in 2017 in North America. 

Our Direct Trade Model

The amount of physical labor, resources and land that it takes to produce a cup of excellent coffee is astonishing, yet the prices still do not reflect all it goes into it. Thinking about how much is required to brew this beloved beverage, many question how much they should be paying for it. Higher prices are justified if there is a noticeable difference in quality. Thus we believe that by increasing the quality of the coffee we export, our customers will be more available to pay higher prices for better quality, transparency and social and environmental sustainability.

We optimize for the producer to receive the best price possible.

PrimaVera takes a margin to cover our financing on purchases of our friends coffee, handling and warehousing at our third party warehouse at the destination, our traveling cost, guidance and advice work at farms, quality control and any other overhead cost.


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At PrimaVera, we strive for perfection at all stages of the production. From the growing of coffee trees and keeping a sustainable farm, to the highest standards of harvesting and processing. By having control over all stages of the production, we are able to influence the key decisions that result in an extraordinary cup of coffee.

To ensure that our coffees are of the highest quality we have a state of the art cupping lab in Guatemala City. Our Q-Grader qualified and Cup of Excellence judge cuppers ensure that all our coffees meet the exact standards and represent our commitment to the highest quality. 


Sourcing directly from the coffee growers shortens the supply chain, meaning producers receive a higher price for their coffee. Not only is the price fairer, but direct trade also allows farmers to be rewarded for superior quality, setting a benchmark in the region for exemplary coffee production. Without having to rely on certifications or conditions set by third parties, coffee buyers are able to meet and communicate directly with farmers to agree on a price.

With the term 'Direct Trade' being overused and abused, we have simplified this by taking you directly to the producer minus all the complications of exporting/importing.  See us as a direct trade facilitator if you will.


We work with a range of sustainable and well-managed coffee farms to ensure the coffee retains its high quality in the long term. We provide small farmers with technical advice and physical guidance on coffee tree growing, on how to keep a coffee farm to the highest standards and on the best harvesting and processing methods. We believe in giving the farmers good incentives to work progressively towards higher quality standards.

Allowing the farms to work in harmony with their natural state and local fauna, can be beneficial both for the quality of the coffee and on the environment, leaving the world a better place than how we found it, both socially and environmentally.