Working with PrimaVera, explained.

Not only does purchase planning make your life easier, but it also gives you first access to the best coffees we offer. 


First Steps

Feel free to drop us an email so we can schedule a chat to understand your specific coffee needs. We’re happy to do this in person, over the phone, or through Skype.

The goal of this conversation is for us to understand the approximate quantities, cup profile, and price point of the coffees you are after. We would also like to know your desired warehouse, shipping times and delivery schedule.

If you are in need of coffee now, please feel free to check out our North American or European offer list


Guatemalan Specialty Coffees are typically harvested from January to April. We then allow for the coffees to “rest” for 4 – 6 weeks and start milling and shipping from March onwards. (Please note that coffee keeps better in parchment, so if you don’t need your coffee right away, we can hold it in parchment for a later shipment).

The ship takes 4 weeks to cross the Atlantic to Europe, or 2 weeks for North America, plus 5 working days for the container to be released from customs and unloaded at the warehouse.

If you haven’t visited us in Guatemala before, we encourage you to come get to know us and our operations. This is the best way to understand what we do and to taste new coffees as soon they’re offered to us. The best time to visit is from February to late March when we have most lots ready for cupping. The coffees tend to be fresh at this stage (and somewhat papery), but we can guide you as we have experience with this.

If you are not able to visit us but have a strong purchasing inclination, please get in touch with us to chat, and we can send pre-shipment samples. This way you can reserve the coffees before they are shipped and approve them on an arrival sample.

If you would rather choose from our comprehensive spot coffee offering, this generally becomes available from late April to early May. Check our latest offer sheet or get in touch for more information.

Making Selections

The coffees we represent have all been carefully chosen for their characteristics. They all meet our high standards on quality, sustainability and transparency. Our micro lots and special processes range from scores of 85 – 92 points and our single estate or regional blends are 82 – 84 points.

We carry a wide range of coffees in order to serve various coffee needs and we’re happy to find the right one for you. We can send samples of a selection based on your desired cup profile.

A common strategy is to decide on a coffee to use year over year, so that you develop a relationship with the farm and the producer. You can also choose one of our single estate coffees as your single origin espresso, seasonal coffee or as a component to your house espresso.

We strongly recommend taking the time to carefully estimate your volume for the year and taking this into account when making your coffee purchases. Providing this information, we can help you plan your purchases for the year to ensure that you have the perfect amount of coffee to get you through the year.


You can place your order by email or phone and we will send you a reservation contract in order for you to sign and send back, acknowledging you agree to the conditions.

Europe: we currently warehouse at Vollers U.K., Amsterdam and Hamburg.

North America: we warehouse on the West Coast at The Annex, in Oakland CA.

Our coffees arrive at the warehouse from April to the end of September, depending on what was previously agreed. If you have reserved coffees, we will notify you at all stages of the shipping process so that you are ready when the coffees arrive.

In the case that you need further warehousing for the coffees reserved, we offer 3 months complementary with your order (longer if previously agreed), thereafter we charge US$ 0.15/kg (or the equivalent in your currency) per month in order to cover our warehousing and financing costs.

If you are a new client, we require payment on delivery of your first order, thereafter we can offer you 30 days credit.


Once you are ready to take the coffees you have reserved, or if you have recently placed an order, please advise if you would like for us to organize delivery or if you will be collecting the coffee with your preferred shipping company.

Once you place an order or delivery please note that it takes the warehouse 2 – 3 days to get the coffee ready for dispatch, and depending on your location, another 5 – 7 working days.  We have a 3-bag minimum order per release.

For delivery quotes, please get in touch with us a couple of days before you need the coffee dispatched so that we can find you the best option.