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Take a break from the Coffee Masters and come say HI to Hanna and Stijn, who have spent the harvest in Guatemala! They will be sharing their experience, new coffees and answering any questions about the country, the culture and its coffee! 


The Harvest in Guatemala is Long - and  some of our producers are still picking and processing their coffee and we keep receiving cherry at our Wet Mill. 

Be the fist to cup our Harvest 2019 by visiting us on STAND G45

- 11.00 Selection from 2019 Harvest
- 13.00 Selection from 2019 Harvest
- 15.00 Selection from 2019 Harvest

What's on

Thursday and Friday: Harvest 2019 Preview Cuppings! Come and taste the new coffees! 
Saturday and Sunday: Enjoy the coffees from our friends Method Coffee Roasters and other roasters - who will be taking over our booth for the weekend. We will be around in the show as well, and if you would like to set up a chat - please send us an email. 

You can apply for complimentary industry day (Thursday and Friday) tickets for the festival here.

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Huehuetenango is something special


At the peak of the harvest, we bring you an update! 
We have cupped over 1000 offer samples, visited some amazing producers, their plantations and wet mills. We thank all the roasters who have visited us this harvest! 

Our Wet mill has been in full swing for over a month - receiving and processing over 400 bags of cherry every day from various Associations and Groups of producers in Fraijanes and Nuevo Oriente. 

And finally, our dry mill is almost ready with a brand new Electronic Color sorter for Micro lots - the Delta mini sorter!  This will help us sort the beautiful coffees in a better and more efficient way.


Huehuetenango, or “Huehue” as we often call it,  is a coffee growing region located in North Western Guatemala. This mountainous region is well suited for growing coffee due to the high altitudes and micro climates. Only in Huehuetenango, 20,000 families are registered with the coffee producer organisation Anacafe. Almost all of them have their won wet mill, which makes Huehue one of the places with most wet-mills. Huehue produces apron. 1 million quintales (100 pounds) of parchment every year which makes it the second biggest coffee region by production in Guatemala. 

Due to the mountainous landscape the climate in Huehue is perfect for coffee growing. The temperature drops at night and warms up during the day.  Additionally to the climate the farms are typically located in high altitudes, from 1500 mts. up to 2000 mts. above sea-level.

What makes Huehuetenango so great is the large range of producers and farming styles. Many of the farms have kept the classic varieties like caturra, bourbon and catuaí  and the new generation of producers are open to changes and improvements in their farms, and mills. 

Some producers have even started to experiment with alternative processing methods like naturals and honeys. We forecast there to be more naturals and honeys being processed here in the future not only because of their amazing flavour but also because of their lower water usage, making it a more sustainable processing alternative. 

Year on year, we are reassured by the amazing cup quality that Huehuetenango has, making it a region we love, cherish and focus on. Our two full-time agronomists (coffee producers themselves) José and Rodolfo don’t only manage our warehouse in Huehue but also go around the area to share their knowledge with all other coffee producers. They provide support and information for processing and varieties, sustainable farming as well as off-season farm management. 

This year we will again bring you many beautiful coffees from various producers of Huehue! There are a couple of different flavors profiles found in Huehuetenango, one being sweeter and balanced and one being floral, complex, tomatoey (yes believe it or not!) and tropical fruity. These really are coffees we are excited about and can’t wait to share them with you in just a couple of months!



Our very own wet-mill in Finca El Hato, Santa Rosa has been receiving a lot of amazing cherries to process in the past month. We have seen Yellow Catuaís being processed as honeys (we are also making some naturals for you funky fruit lovers) and many other beautiful washed lots we are excited to share with you! 

Our dry-mill almost ready to get the parchment off your coffee  We are installing a new electronic color sorter at our mill which makes our milling even more efficient and precise. We are very close to the start of exporting season,  so stay tuned for the offer list from the 2019 harvest!

Harvest 2019 - It's On!

As February begins, we dive, head first, into the busiest time of the harvest. It is the month when we receive the most amount of cherry at our wet mills and our cupping tables are full with new samples every day. It is safe to say that this is the most exciting and important time of the year in coffee land Guatemala!

This year the harvest started slightly earlier than usual, we got our first offer samples in early January! With higher altitudes maturing later in the season, our lab has slowly increased the evaluation of samples from 8 - 10 coffees to over 50 coffees being cupped on a daily basis. 

We receive over 500 quintales of coffee cherries at our wet mill in Santa Rosa a day, as well as parchment samples at our lab in Guatemala City. After the daily cuppings we give feedback to the producers and when the coffees meet our standards, our warehouse and logistics teams are busy transporting the coffees from the remote mountains to our central warehouse and dry mill. 

We are delighted with the quality of the lots from Huehuetenango this year! They are juicy, complex and sweet - making them the perfect filter coffees to drink every day!
We are pleased to see our producers implementing new and better picking and processing practices and being open towards constantly improving their quality. 

We are encouraging our producers to experiment and perfect the natural and honey processing methods, including at our own farm, we are producing some stellar lots, but they will be limited - so please get in touch now if you're interested.

This year we have expanded our offering to include more coffees from Antigua, popular for their deep body, brown sugar and orange notes, Atitlan, with its beautiful lake and rainy rainforest Coban. 

Most certainly - we will have our staple coffees too - like the coffees from the Association of Small Producers of Jalapa (including a Decaf version), as well as our favourite La Pila & Neighbours and a few more new options for blends and House Espresso. Additionally, we will also have a Huehuetenango blend, the Primavera Family, bringing small producers together to create a coffee that is better than the sum of its parts.

Greetings from Guatemala, 

The Primavera Tea

Drying beds with Honey Processed coffee at Finca El Hato in Santa Rosa

Drying beds with Honey Processed coffee at Finca El Hato in Santa Rosa


Orders of 1 or 2 bags now welcome!


Yes, you read right: We have decided to support smaller roasters and have removed our 3 bag minimum order. 
We know the realities of small businesses and understand that sometimes cash flow is tight. You are welcome to order 1, 2 or 3 bags from us! 

(For the orders less than 3 bags we include a coffee handling fee of $0.50 USD/kg, to cover the warehouse handling fee for small orders. The handling fee won't be applied in orders of more than 3 bags)

Need coffee now?

Price Transparency


Sustainability of the Industry

As the coffee harvest begins in Guatemala and we continue to see the lowest prices over the last 10 years, we cannot help but worryingly communicate our stands on the situation. 

The amount of physical labour, resources and land that goes into producing a cup of excellent coffee is astonishing, yet the Coffee C-Market Price does not reflect this. We strongly believe that the sustainability of the coffee industry is currently at risk. The prices have shaken many news sources with articles such as this one. The message is loud and clear:


The clear threat to the livelihoods of coffee producers and the long-term viability of the global specialty market is at the forefront this harvest, and we want to reassure our producers as well as our roasters what we stand for:


Our prices are not linked to the C-Market but depend on quality. This allows us to de-commoditize and focus on the key actor of the industry: the producer. We will have the same pricing structure as in previous years.


We have reinforced our commitment to transparent pricing with our new page describing in detail the prices and costs getting the coffee form the farm to your roastery. Find out more information here.


We believe that the sustainability of this industry depends on the profitability of all its players; currently our main concern is the producer. With unease we hope to make a significant difference to the coffee growers we work with, so that they are not disheartened to leave coffee and/or the country of Guatemala. 



In 2018 we participated in donating our information on prices, qualities and quantities to the study done by Emory University for their first Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide.

This is to be used as a price discovery tool for both buyers and sellers of specialty coffee, which includes data form 21 donors, including progressive roasters, importers and exporters. We encourage you to read the full report to and get in touch with us for further questions.

New Name - Same Core Values


PrimaVera Coffee Importers

As of 2019, we are phasing out of our original "Third Wave Coffee Source" name. Rest assured: we remain the same company, with the same core values and mission, as well as ownership. Now, under one united brand we are operating in Europe & North America. We also welcome our exporting company La Central de Café, operating out of Guatemala. 


La Pila & Neighbours

We still have this tasty lot available for you to drop into your roasting drum! Finca La Pila & Neighbours is a well-selected lot combined from cherries from the farm La Pila owned by Rodolfo Garcia, his brother Ovidio Garcia and their neighbours.

The Lot is from 28 small producers in the region of Santa Ana La Montaña in Fraijanes, which sits at 1,700 – 1,750 meters above sea level. This lot consists of bourbon, red and yellow catuai as well as Pache varieties. 

The cherries have been selectively picked, transported one and a half hours to the wet mill at Finca El Hato.

Where the cherries were de-pulped, fermented for 22 hours and then washed with clean water. These spoiled beans then spent 24 hours in fresh cold water, during a "Double soaked" or "Kenyan Style soaking" and where dried with the rays of the sun over a 8 day holiday on the Patios.  

All this work has resulted in a coffee which has medium body, caramelized almond sweetness with notes of milk chocolate and cacao nibs. This is a solid coffee to be used as a single origin espresso or in a blend.

We have 98 bags available of this deliciousness for US$ 5.50 per kilo.



We are looking for an adventurous coffee enthusiast to joins our team! We need someone independent and knowledgeable about Sourcing and Green Coffee Grading. 

Be prepared to travel to Guatemala with us during the harvest (4 weeks in Feb – Mar, where further training will be provided).
To then return home (preferably the West Coast, but other cities can work) and promote our coffees and producers while supporting customers with excellent service. We would be interested in someone with a sales background and roasting/cupping skills. Spanish language is a plus! 
If this is you please send your CV and questions to

2019 Harvest Update


As 2019 rolls in, so does our busiest and most exciting time of the year! Harvest Time! During this time, we will share with you our best coffees and most wonderful producers, either in person if you plan on visiting us in Guatemala or with photos and newsletter updates! So make sure to follow us on Instagram   @twcs_primavera 

Over the past months, producers have been preparing for the Harvest by making sure their coffee trees are happy and healthy. Ensuring they received enough nutrients and have the appropriate shade by controlling their bigger trees to sustain them during the summer or "dry months".

They also oversee the ripening of the cherries and over the last few days, producers in the lower regions (1,300 - 1,400 Mts) have been doing their first round of picking. 

The coffees from the higher altitude areas need a few more weeks before they are ready to be picked at full ripeness. This is mainly due to slower ripening because of colder climates in the mountains.  

This gives us a bit of a chance to warm up our Probate Sample Roasters and get our sample dry mill ready to hit the ground running around mid January! 

If you will be joining us, we look forward to having you in Guatemala!



We are now taking in your coffee reservation requests for the 2019 Harvest!
Please get in touch if you would like to reserve your current coffee and/or let us know that you are looking for this year! 

Our final HARVEST 2019 OFFER LIST will be available once the harvest is finished in April


Guatemala Visit

If you are coming to Guatemala during the harvest time and want to visit us at our lab in Guatemala City or in a specific region, let us know and we are happy to make your visit worthwile. Send a message to

Need coffee?

We've got you covered!  As the new harvest only arrives in 4 - 5 months, we still have some coffees available for you in our UK Warehouse. 
Check out our OFFER LIST and get in touch for samples!