Why You Should Visit Us In Guatemala


As you might know, Guatemala is in harvest form January - April and we would like to invite you to visit us while we are cupping and doing our selections for the year.  If you decide to join us, we will plan farm visits and lots of cuppings at our Lab and Roastrey in Guatemala City.  We can bring you to the farm you are currently buying from and connect you with the producer. We are happy to tailor purchasing cuppings for you to make your stay fun and effective. Pleas send us the date you would like to visit us! 

Rumor has it, the origin experience has a long lasting impact on coffee buyers and roasters, it helps keep spirits up during the winter while the new coffees arrive. During your trip, you will also be able to gather photos and stories that can help you promote the coffees and producers back home. 

Things to keep in mind while planning:
- Visiting Dates? 
- What coffees you like to roast?
- What quantities and when? 



Where should we start? There are many benefits of visiting a coffee origin, especially during the harvest. 

To visit the origin in the right time of the year enables you to purchase the best coffees on the market. You get the first dibs of what's available. Additionally, you will make more informed buying decisions about the coffee, amount and price of the coffee. 

When you meet the producer of your coffee you create a stronger connection to the coffee than just through an information document. You create a connection to the person who made your coffee happen. 

During your visit, you can collect and create deeper and more meaningful marketing material to help you to share the connection and sell your coffee better when eventually roasting and brewing it. 

Another benefit of the visit is to get to know us better and strengthen our relationship. Our whole team from Guatemala and Europe will be present during the Harvest. We love spending time with our customers, in order to understand you and your needs better. 

About PrimaVera Family



For this lot, we purchased coffees from 16 different producers to create a great quality regional blend. The personal relationships we have with the producers goes further than just the trade and we wanted to give a great chance for these producers to highlight their coffees together. This regional Huehuetenango regional lot differs largely from the other coffees on the market since we can provide a full traceability of this coffee. We can openly showcase which producers contributed for this lot. 

We constantly work with our producers to improve the quality of their coffee and therefore price of their coffees. We believe that investing in these producers now will bring some great results in the future, both in coffee quality and in social change.

This coffee is balanced, sweet and full bodied with berry notes 🍇🍪🍭Works like a wonder as espresso! 



The end of the year is approaching and so is our next harvest! Cherries are ripening as we speak and the producers are getting ready for the busy harvest. Let us know if you would like to visit us in Guatemala.

We always have our most up-to-date offer list available here:

Primavera Awards Ceremony

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-11 at 13.06.14.jpeg

Last Saturday we had a wonderful day celebrating the producers and coffees we work with in Huehuetenango.  During the yearly Primavera Coffee Award Ceremony we award the top 10 producers of the region and give the top 3 a monetary price.

This year, we also had the pleasure of handing out framed portraits to everyone involved in our video / photographs - if you have not seen it,check it out!  

Awards Ceremony 2018's Winners: Awards Ceremony 2018's Winners: 

1. Petrona Perez - Finca Sachibal
2. Francisco Morales - Finca La Esperanza
3. Cecibel Armas - Finca El Mirador 

We then had the chance to hear from the top producers on how they grow and process their coffee. They each shared one aspect they find particularly important to produce wonderful coffee. 
Petrona believes in the importance of post harvest processing, and that her careful oversight makes her coffee the best in our portfolio.
Francisco believes that having strategic partners is the most important in order to obtain the highest prices possible for the coffee.
Cecibel is of the mindset that it all has to do with picking - that the key to a great coffee is ripe and even picking, even if that means going through a plantation 3 - 5 times during the harvest to ensure only ripe coffee beens are picked.

We then had lunch with 96 of the producers who joined us and enjoyed the Marima (local Guatemalan Music) the rest of the afternoon. 

One of the key reasons we hold the event is for us to motivate our producers towards quality and many of them left the day motivated, happy and excited for the future. We highly believe in investing into our people and especially our people on the ground. 

Congratulations! Felicidades!

Ho ho ho! Last call for orders before Christmas


The colder months are ahead of us and the  consumption of coffee will arise in Europe as much as the temperature drops. It's now the time of the year when our customers and regulars love our hot beverage during long weekend breakfasts, darker working mornings and colder afternoons.

What would be better than answering to this need? We have got you covered with some amazing green coffees to roast for your winter-loving customers. 

We have a great selection of variety of coffees from different regions on offer for you, ready to go in our UK warehouse. These coffees are also great value with their competitive price at the moment and still tasting good. These coffees are perfect brews for the Christmas table with the chocolate, sweet nutty and mid bodied flavour profiles. They go sweetly with orange and cardemum cakes, Christmas buddings and Nordic rice porridge. 

To avoid frustrations and delays with your Christmas roasting, we strongly courage you to order now. Our regular delivery time is 2 weeks. If you're looking for a coffee to roast as a Christmas coffee or if you need recommendations in general we're always happy to help you to find the right fit. Just holla! 

It's like coffee but without caffeine


The demand for a better decaf is rising every year. Who wouldn't want a great tasting cup without the trembles and sleepless nights? After great feedback from roasters all over Europe, we decided to produce a second decaf from the same group of producers who made the first round possible.


About two hours drive from our head office in Guatemala at around 1800 meters elevation, a group of producers in the Jalapa region decided to take control of their crop and their livelyhood. With our help, they formally started an association last year. Because water at that altitude and conditions is scarce, building a traditional wetmill is hard. We decided to invest in them by buying their ripe cherries and processing them at our El Hato wet mill.


The Decaffination Process

The decaffination starts in Germany at the CR3 Kaffeeveredelung Hermsen company through the so-called CO2 method.

Through soaking the coffee is made ready to release its caffeine. Liquid CO2 is pumped into a container that actually pushes out the caffeine, while keeping other flavor components intact. 

Another rinsing with CO2 reduces the caffeine level further to less than 0.08%.

Although there are many ways extracting caffeine, this method is getting more  and more popular in the specialty coffee industry because it keeps most of the character of the coffee. We are very happy how this one turned out!


A new team member

Say hello to Hanna Huhtonen! She's the latest addition to our Europe team. 
Hanna has worked in specialty coffee since 2007 in Europe and Australia. Her roots are in Finland where she organised the national championships and wrote books about coffee. She is a skilled barista, certified Q Grader, and she spent couple of years in Australia helping the local roasters to find some amazing green coffees to roast. She is based in Portugal and is passionate about sustainability and connecting the roasters to the right producers and coffees in Guatemala.

Want to come to Guatemala?


While the end of the year is strongly approaching we are starting to prepare ourselves for the 2019 harvest - it’s literally just around the corner! 

We have had many of our customers visiting us in Guatemala the past years. We love having our customers over since it’s a great way to select new coffees to roast, calibrate together for the years to come and learn more about Guatemala.

We would now like to invite you to visit us in Guatemala in the beginning of 2019! If you would like to visit, we recommend considering timing your trip somewhere between the end of January and end of February. The harvest will be in full swing and most of the coffees will be ready to cup during that time. 

Let us know what kind of a visit you have in mind and we can help you to plan your visit. 

Get in touch and see you in Guatemala!