Our decaf is available


We are very happy to announce that by popular demand - our Decaf is back! This year we decided to decaffeinate our fully traceable regional Huehuetenango blend, The Primavera Family.

The decaffeination process is done by the German CR3 Kaffeeveredelung Hermsen Company through the so-called CO2 method. Through soaking the coffee water, the cells walls open up and make the release of caffeine easier. Liquid CO2 is pumped into a container that actually pushes out the caffeine while keeping other flavor components intact. This reduces the caffeine level to less than 0.08%

There are many ways of extracting caffeine and this method is getting more and more popular in the specialty coffee industry because it keeps most of the character of the coffee. We are always very happy with the results!

Don't Miss out! Get your sample in now!