First coffees have sailed

After a few weeks of resting in parchment at our Guatemalan Warehouse, the first coffees from this harvest have been milled and are sailing this week!

These are coffees picked during the first half of February and rested for 6 - 8 weeks in parchment for humidity to homogenize. 

With the first coffees sailing in the coming weeks, we have now prepared a preliminary offer list! This is the first chance for you to see the new coffees and producers we have been working with this year. Let us know if you see something you might fancy and we'd be happy send samples and/or take reservations.

Keep in mind that this is not our final list of coffees - we will be updating this list as more containers are ready to be shipped so make sure you visit us frequently. If you are looking for something in particular, or have a strong inclination toward a coffee please get in touch with us! 

We expect all coffees to land in Europe from May to July 2019