Harvest 2019 - It's On!

As February begins, we dive, head first, into the busiest time of the harvest. It is the month when we receive the most amount of cherry at our wet mills and our cupping tables are full with new samples every day. It is safe to say that this is the most exciting and important time of the year in coffee land Guatemala!

This year the harvest started slightly earlier than usual, we got our first offer samples in early January! With higher altitudes maturing later in the season, our lab has slowly increased the evaluation of samples from 8 - 10 coffees to over 50 coffees being cupped on a daily basis. 

We receive over 500 quintales of coffee cherries at our wet mill in Santa Rosa a day, as well as parchment samples at our lab in Guatemala City. After the daily cuppings we give feedback to the producers and when the coffees meet our standards, our warehouse and logistics teams are busy transporting the coffees from the remote mountains to our central warehouse and dry mill. 

We are delighted with the quality of the lots from Huehuetenango this year! They are juicy, complex and sweet - making them the perfect filter coffees to drink every day!
We are pleased to see our producers implementing new and better picking and processing practices and being open towards constantly improving their quality. 

We are encouraging our producers to experiment and perfect the natural and honey processing methods, including at our own farm, we are producing some stellar lots, but they will be limited - so please get in touch now if you're interested.

This year we have expanded our offering to include more coffees from Antigua, popular for their deep body, brown sugar and orange notes, Atitlan, with its beautiful lake and rainy rainforest Coban. 

Most certainly - we will have our staple coffees too - like the coffees from the Association of Small Producers of Jalapa (including a Decaf version), as well as our favourite La Pila & Neighbours and a few more new options for blends and House Espresso. Additionally, we will also have a Huehuetenango blend, the Primavera Family, bringing small producers together to create a coffee that is better than the sum of its parts.

Greetings from Guatemala, 

The Primavera Tea

Drying beds with Honey Processed coffee at Finca El Hato in Santa Rosa

Drying beds with Honey Processed coffee at Finca El Hato in Santa Rosa


Orders of 1 or 2 bags now welcome!


Yes, you read right: We have decided to support smaller roasters and have removed our 3 bag minimum order. 
We know the realities of small businesses and understand that sometimes cash flow is tight. You are welcome to order 1, 2 or 3 bags from us! 

(For the orders less than 3 bags we include a coffee handling fee of $0.50 USD/kg, to cover the warehouse handling fee for small orders. The handling fee won't be applied in orders of more than 3 bags)

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