Meet our family

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The Regional blend - PrimaVera Style

The personal relationships we have with our producers goes further than just trade. We are often offered coffees that are great - scoring 84-85 points but would be difficult sales as micro lots. So we thought - maybe the sum of the parts is grater than the parts themselves and The PrimaVera Family Lot was born!

With a commitment stronger than ever before, we are purchasing coffees from potentially great farms and passionate producers so that they can have a step up to success. We hope that with the increased price they received this harvest, next years' passion and coffee will be able to stand on its own!  After all, isn't that what being in a family is all about?


The PrimaVera Family

For this lot, we purchased coffees from 16 great producers, scoring 84-85 points to create a great quality Regional blend. This Lot is different from any other Huehuetenango SHB coffees you will see in the market as we can provide full transparency and traceability to each producer.

We are constantly working with our producers in order to help them improve the quality and therefore price of their coffees.

We decided to purchase the coffee in order to give them an opportunity to use the extra income they receive from selling at a higher price to reinvest in their farm and wet mills. We hope that with some improvements and betterments, next year they will produce wonderful coffees that could be featured as single origin coffees.

In the cup we find a balanced, sweet and full bodied coffee with berry notes. Perfect for espresso!


PrimaVera on Tour

Coming months we're going around Europe meeting roasters & barista's and do cuppings all around. A selection of cities we'll be visiting:

Lviv (Ukraine) (13-14/9)
Bordeaux (France) (16-17/9)
Madrid (Spain) (22/9)
Istanbul (Turkey) (20-23/9)

Check out the events section on our website to see when we're coming by!