The female coffee growers of San Marcos Huista


As in many Central American countries, because of the economic situation and safety issues, the migration rate to the US in Guatemala has seen a rise over the last few years.  Most of these migrants are men, leaving their wives and daughters behind who are forced to take manners into their own hands.


In a town like San Marcos Huista, a very rural, hard to reach community where people mostly speak Popti – a native dialect, about 50% of the male population left to seek their fortune up north. Because of its location off the beaten track, many obstacles remain for the women who were left in charge of the coffee farms, to sell their coffee at the best prices.

Many of them sell their coffee to the local coyote that would drive by with a pick up truck buying all coffee at a very low (market) price.

With our Female Coffee Growers project, that supports female growers with micro loans and technical assistance in order to help them continuously improve the quality of the coffee they produce, we were able to save the coffee from the local market. We call it: the Female Coffee Growers of San Marcos Huista.
And boy is it tasty!

We got lots of florals notes with berries 🍓, some orange bitters 🍊, caramel and Panela sweetness. And best of all: it's available now!