It's Always Sunny in Huehuetenango


Well, no, actually. Mostly this time of year the valley of San Antonio Huista, our home base in Huehue, is overcast. But last week, visiting our producers, the sun was out all day, every day, which made this already beautiful place into something quite magical.☀️

The coffee berries ripened slower this harvest season due to the colds in December, but by now we’re actually reaching the peak of the harvest. Yes, so we are cupping non-stop now, and boy do we have some spectacular coffees coming in. 🥄🥄🥄


In Huehue, we crossed the most breath taking landscapes, drove the bumpy roads, and had fruitful meetings at the farms. José López, our agronomist and representative in the region, was on the ground as usual. His aim is to help producers achieve even higher quality coffees, talking about nutrition of the coffee trees and maintenance of the farms & mills. 

We were excited to bring along photographer Zsuzsa Zichó, who captured these moments and images with her camera. 📸 We couldn't wait to share some of these pictures with you already (but there is lots more to come!). 


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