Why You Should Visit Us In Guatemala


As you might know, Guatemala is in harvest form January - April and we would like to invite you to visit us while we are cupping and doing our selections for the year.  If you decide to join us, we will plan farm visits and lots of cuppings at our Lab and Roastrey in Guatemala City.  We can bring you to the farm you are currently buying from and connect you with the producer. We are happy to tailor purchasing cuppings for you to make your stay fun and effective. Pleas send us the date you would like to visit us! 

Rumor has it, the origin experience has a long lasting impact on coffee buyers and roasters, it helps keep spirits up during the winter while the new coffees arrive. During your trip, you will also be able to gather photos and stories that can help you promote the coffees and producers back home. 

Things to keep in mind while planning:
- Visiting Dates? 
- What coffees you like to roast?
- What quantities and when? 



Where should we start? There are many benefits of visiting a coffee origin, especially during the harvest. 

To visit the origin in the right time of the year enables you to purchase the best coffees on the market. You get the first dibs of what's available. Additionally, you will make more informed buying decisions about the coffee, amount and price of the coffee. 

When you meet the producer of your coffee you create a stronger connection to the coffee than just through an information document. You create a connection to the person who made your coffee happen. 

During your visit, you can collect and create deeper and more meaningful marketing material to help you to share the connection and sell your coffee better when eventually roasting and brewing it. 

Another benefit of the visit is to get to know us better and strengthen our relationship. Our whole team from Guatemala and Europe will be present during the Harvest. We love spending time with our customers, in order to understand you and your needs better.