Thank you for your support

And a happy 2019


We have started this business because we believe in connections. Connections between the producers, millers, roasters, baristas and coffee drinkers. For us, it's important that we can do our share to strengthen these connections all around the world.

One way for us to do this, is to help a producer to get his coffee to the market and connect a roaster to the coffee producer. For us it is also very important to make sure that this coffee producer can farm and produce coffee for the years to come. Supporting sustainable business and farming models is at the core of the work we do. 

We want to thank you for your continuous support for this work we do. For us it's important that our customers enjoy the coffees they decide to roast and are proud of the coffees they serve to their customers. Without your support for our work, we couldn't do what we are doing. 

Next year we are continuing to support the producers the best way possible, look out for delicious coffees in Guatemala and bring those coffees to Europe and North America. We are also deeply invested in on taking initiative in the Guatemalan coffee culture and developing connections on the ground.


Happy Holidays

We wish a happy holiday time for all of our roasting clients, producers and partners around the world. During this holiday time, we hope you will enjoy beautiful food and drinks as well as a relaxing time with your loved ones. 

The Primavera team in Guatemala and Europe 



Please get in touch now if you would like to organise a coffee delivery for the first or the second week of January. 

Business Hours

If you need anything between the Christmas and the New Year's, we are here for you. The fastest way to reach us during this time is to email us