Primavera Awards Ceremony

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Last Saturday we had a wonderful day celebrating the producers and coffees we work with in Huehuetenango.  During the yearly Primavera Coffee Award Ceremony we award the top 10 producers of the region and give the top 3 a monetary price.

This year, we also had the pleasure of handing out framed portraits to everyone involved in our video / photographs - if you have not seen it,check it out!  

Awards Ceremony 2018's Winners: Awards Ceremony 2018's Winners: 

1. Petrona Perez - Finca Sachibal
2. Francisco Morales - Finca La Esperanza
3. Cecibel Armas - Finca El Mirador 

We then had the chance to hear from the top producers on how they grow and process their coffee. They each shared one aspect they find particularly important to produce wonderful coffee. 
Petrona believes in the importance of post harvest processing, and that her careful oversight makes her coffee the best in our portfolio.
Francisco believes that having strategic partners is the most important in order to obtain the highest prices possible for the coffee.
Cecibel is of the mindset that it all has to do with picking - that the key to a great coffee is ripe and even picking, even if that means going through a plantation 3 - 5 times during the harvest to ensure only ripe coffee beens are picked.

We then had lunch with 96 of the producers who joined us and enjoyed the Marima (local Guatemalan Music) the rest of the afternoon. 

One of the key reasons we hold the event is for us to motivate our producers towards quality and many of them left the day motivated, happy and excited for the future. We highly believe in investing into our people and especially our people on the ground. 

Congratulations! Felicidades!