New Name - Same Core Values


PrimaVera Coffee Importers

As of 2019, we are phasing out of our original "Third Wave Coffee Source" name. Rest assured: we remain the same company, with the same core values and mission, as well as ownership. Now, under one united brand we are operating in Europe & North America. We also welcome our exporting company La Central de Café, operating out of Guatemala. 


La Pila & Neighbours

We still have this tasty lot available for you to drop into your roasting drum! Finca La Pila & Neighbours is a well-selected lot combined from cherries from the farm La Pila owned by Rodolfo Garcia, his brother Ovidio Garcia and their neighbours.

The Lot is from 28 small producers in the region of Santa Ana La Montaña in Fraijanes, which sits at 1,700 – 1,750 meters above sea level. This lot consists of bourbon, red and yellow catuai as well as Pache varieties. 

The cherries have been selectively picked, transported one and a half hours to the wet mill at Finca El Hato.

Where the cherries were de-pulped, fermented for 22 hours and then washed with clean water. These spoiled beans then spent 24 hours in fresh cold water, during a "Double soaked" or "Kenyan Style soaking" and where dried with the rays of the sun over a 8 day holiday on the Patios.  

All this work has resulted in a coffee which has medium body, caramelized almond sweetness with notes of milk chocolate and cacao nibs. This is a solid coffee to be used as a single origin espresso or in a blend.

We have 98 bags available of this deliciousness for US$ 5.50 per kilo.



We are looking for an adventurous coffee enthusiast to joins our team! We need someone independent and knowledgeable about Sourcing and Green Coffee Grading. 

Be prepared to travel to Guatemala with us during the harvest (4 weeks in Feb – Mar, where further training will be provided).
To then return home (preferably the West Coast, but other cities can work) and promote our coffees and producers while supporting customers with excellent service. We would be interested in someone with a sales background and roasting/cupping skills. Spanish language is a plus! 
If this is you please send your CV and questions to

2019 Harvest Update


As 2019 rolls in, so does our busiest and most exciting time of the year! Harvest Time! During this time, we will share with you our best coffees and most wonderful producers, either in person if you plan on visiting us in Guatemala or with photos and newsletter updates! So make sure to follow us on Instagram   @twcs_primavera 

Over the past months, producers have been preparing for the Harvest by making sure their coffee trees are happy and healthy. Ensuring they received enough nutrients and have the appropriate shade by controlling their bigger trees to sustain them during the summer or "dry months".

They also oversee the ripening of the cherries and over the last few days, producers in the lower regions (1,300 - 1,400 Mts) have been doing their first round of picking. 

The coffees from the higher altitude areas need a few more weeks before they are ready to be picked at full ripeness. This is mainly due to slower ripening because of colder climates in the mountains.  

This gives us a bit of a chance to warm up our Probate Sample Roasters and get our sample dry mill ready to hit the ground running around mid January! 

If you will be joining us, we look forward to having you in Guatemala!



We are now taking in your coffee reservation requests for the 2019 Harvest!
Please get in touch if you would like to reserve your current coffee and/or let us know that you are looking for this year! 

Our final HARVEST 2019 OFFER LIST will be available once the harvest is finished in April


Guatemala Visit

If you are coming to Guatemala during the harvest time and want to visit us at our lab in Guatemala City or in a specific region, let us know and we are happy to make your visit worthwile. Send a message to

Need coffee?

We've got you covered!  As the new harvest only arrives in 4 - 5 months, we still have some coffees available for you in our UK Warehouse. 
Check out our OFFER LIST and get in touch for samples!


Thank you for your support

And a happy 2019


We have started this business because we believe in connections. Connections between the producers, millers, roasters, baristas and coffee drinkers. For us, it's important that we can do our share to strengthen these connections all around the world.

One way for us to do this, is to help a producer to get his coffee to the market and connect a roaster to the coffee producer. For us it is also very important to make sure that this coffee producer can farm and produce coffee for the years to come. Supporting sustainable business and farming models is at the core of the work we do. 

We want to thank you for your continuous support for this work we do. For us it's important that our customers enjoy the coffees they decide to roast and are proud of the coffees they serve to their customers. Without your support for our work, we couldn't do what we are doing. 

Next year we are continuing to support the producers the best way possible, look out for delicious coffees in Guatemala and bring those coffees to Europe and North America. We are also deeply invested in on taking initiative in the Guatemalan coffee culture and developing connections on the ground.


Happy Holidays

We wish a happy holiday time for all of our roasting clients, producers and partners around the world. During this holiday time, we hope you will enjoy beautiful food and drinks as well as a relaxing time with your loved ones. 

The Primavera team in Guatemala and Europe 



Please get in touch now if you would like to organise a coffee delivery for the first or the second week of January. 

Business Hours

If you need anything between the Christmas and the New Year's, we are here for you. The fastest way to reach us during this time is to email us


Finca La Pila & Neighbours

Finca La Pila is proudly run by Rodolfo Garcia and his wife Reina. Rodolfo has basically been in coffee his whole life. When he was young, he used to work on farms as a coffee picker to earn money. And when he was 25 years old, he inherited a plot of land from his father, so that he could start his own farm business. Little by little he managed to make steps ahead, increase the volume of his coffee, and invest in another plot of land.


Rodolfo Garcia

Rodolfo is always eager to work on the quality of his coffee. Not only on the practices of the farm, like doing soil analysis so he knows what's best for the plants, but also off the farm itself. He even adopted a bicycle for depulping of his cherries!

Rodolfo’s excitement is contagious, so his neighbours want to join in. So, this season, he coordinated the collection of cherries every afternoon at his farm La Pila so he could get his neighbours involved as well.

After collection, all cherries are pulped, fermented, washed and dried at our own farm in Fraijanes, El Hato. And the result of this collaboration is this wonderful lot.

The result is a coffee that's perfect for espresso, both single origin as in blends. With lots of chocolate notes 🍫, cherries 🍒and nuts 🌰. 

Why You Should Visit Us In Guatemala


As you might know, Guatemala is in harvest form January - April and we would like to invite you to visit us while we are cupping and doing our selections for the year.  If you decide to join us, we will plan farm visits and lots of cuppings at our Lab and Roastrey in Guatemala City.  We can bring you to the farm you are currently buying from and connect you with the producer. We are happy to tailor purchasing cuppings for you to make your stay fun and effective. Pleas send us the date you would like to visit us! 

Rumor has it, the origin experience has a long lasting impact on coffee buyers and roasters, it helps keep spirits up during the winter while the new coffees arrive. During your trip, you will also be able to gather photos and stories that can help you promote the coffees and producers back home. 

Things to keep in mind while planning:
- Visiting Dates? 
- What coffees you like to roast?
- What quantities and when? 



Where should we start? There are many benefits of visiting a coffee origin, especially during the harvest. 

To visit the origin in the right time of the year enables you to purchase the best coffees on the market. You get the first dibs of what's available. Additionally, you will make more informed buying decisions about the coffee, amount and price of the coffee. 

When you meet the producer of your coffee you create a stronger connection to the coffee than just through an information document. You create a connection to the person who made your coffee happen. 

During your visit, you can collect and create deeper and more meaningful marketing material to help you to share the connection and sell your coffee better when eventually roasting and brewing it. 

Another benefit of the visit is to get to know us better and strengthen our relationship. Our whole team from Guatemala and Europe will be present during the Harvest. We love spending time with our customers, in order to understand you and your needs better. 

About PrimaVera Family



For this lot, we purchased coffees from 16 different producers to create a great quality regional blend. The personal relationships we have with the producers goes further than just the trade and we wanted to give a great chance for these producers to highlight their coffees together. This regional Huehuetenango regional lot differs largely from the other coffees on the market since we can provide a full traceability of this coffee. We can openly showcase which producers contributed for this lot. 

We constantly work with our producers to improve the quality of their coffee and therefore price of their coffees. We believe that investing in these producers now will bring some great results in the future, both in coffee quality and in social change.

This coffee is balanced, sweet and full bodied with berry notes 🍇🍪🍭Works like a wonder as espresso! 



The end of the year is approaching and so is our next harvest! Cherries are ripening as we speak and the producers are getting ready for the busy harvest. Let us know if you would like to visit us in Guatemala.

We always have our most up-to-date offer list available here: